Every driver will benefit from a video recorder on his mirror. Recently, they have become very popular. It has no annoying wires, the device is very easy to understand. The mirror looks discreet and does not attract extra attention, because the recorder is built into the mirror.

Now the market offers a hu

ge variety of models with a different set of functions. Let’s consider the main advantages of a mirror with a video recorder. They are of no use to anyone who plans to take advantage of the offer of heavy equipment removal.

Why do you buy a car DVR mirror?
We all try to make our car more comfortable, so from time to time we buy devices that make driving an even more pleasant process. Mirrors with video recorder refer to such convenient gadgets.

To begin with, we should note the versatility of the device. No matter what kind of car you have: a small car, a large SUV or even a bus, this gadget will fit everything. Also, such recorders are deprived of an unpleasant detail – wires that interfere with the view while driving. Also, you should not forget about safety. A mirror-recorder does not differ from a simple mirror, so it does not attract unnecessary attention. The gadget is easy to install even a novice driver, not particularly versed in technology. It is easy to set up and use.

Convenience of driving
Of course, this device is purchased to make it convenient to drive. Parking camera makes parking safer if you have difficulty calculating the dimensions of the car. Also, the mirror with the recorder has a large size, which allows you to better control the road. When driving at night, you can turn on the infrared illumination.


While driving, you can use the applications, it will not stop the recording, and micro-sd cards will save information even if the gadget is badly damaged. Also, don’t forget about the significant savings. For one device you get a video recorder, a navigator, and a rearview camera.

Ease of use
Such DVRs are equipped with hinges, which allows you to position them as conveniently as possible. You can buy a model with a visor, so that it is convenient to look at the screen in sunny weather. Also, you will not be dazzled by the headlights of cars coming behind, thanks to anti-reflective coating. You can choose your own resolution, which will save space on the card. And don’t forget the versatility of the device. You’ll save space in the cabin, because this device has no wires and other unnecessary elements that interfere with the view.

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