How to determine that the motor has become tripled: the main signs

Modern engines have an extremely complex design, such power units require timely maintenance, and even in this case, it will be impossible to exclude engine breakdowns. Often the engine starts to run, which indicates problems with ignition and the formation of a fuel mixture. In such a case, timely diagnostics is necessary, and, based on its results, engine repair. If repair is not possible, you can get cash for cars scarborough.

Often, car owners simply cannot determine whether the engine is troit, whether the engine has various kinds of malfunctions, or a visit to the service will only be a waste of time and money. It is extremely important to correctly and timely determine the presence of problems, which will allow you to contact the service in time and carry out engine repairs.

Signs of triple engine
Under the triplet engine it is customary to understand the malfunction of one of the cylinders, the air-fuel mixture ignites either earlier or later, its ignition may not occur in the combustion chamber, or the fuel does not burn completely.

One of the signs of triple formation is the shaking of the engine in idle mode. Such vibrations can be both subtle and quite significant, transmitted to the steering wheel, gear lever and body. In the first case, when such shocks are barely noticeable, it is possible to diagnose the failure of one of the cylinders, and if the whole body trembles, then, with a high degree of probability, several cylinders in the engine have failed at once.

Loss of power by the engine is also one of the signs of tripping, when you press the gas pedal, power dips occur, and the acceleration of the car is accompanied by jerks. At the same time, there may be an increase in fuel consumption as the engine needs to run at higher rpm in order to maintain optimal acceleration. Often, when there are such power problems, the Check Engine warning lights on the dashboard.

During tripping, floating revolutions are noted both at idle and under load. Moreover, the fluctuations can be both minimal, approximately plus or minus 500 crankshaft revolutions per minute, and strong enough when the engine increases the crankshaft speed by 2000 rpm.

If you notice such signs of tripping, you need to unscrew the spark plugs, which may have black carbon deposits. You should also pay attention to the sound of the engine exhaust, distinct pops and vibrations can be heard throughout the body, instead of the rhythmic usual operation of the exhaust system.

Reasons for triple engine
On a car on which the engine triplets is noted, it is necessary to perform engine diagnostics, the engine may have problems with the timing, power system and mixture formation, with ignition and electronic control. It is not possible to perform such diagnostics on modern cars on your own; you need to contact the service, performing qualified diagnostics and engine repairs.

If there are problems in the ignition system, first of all, you need to pay attention to the candles, which are replaced with new ones. Failed ignition coils and high-voltage wires can also cause the engine to triple.

If there are problems with the fuel supply and mixture formation, then the fuel pump must be diagnosed, and the air supply system is checked for leaks. Also, the air filter can become clogged, which leads to problems in the operation of the engine. The technicians also check the injectors, which, due to contamination, begin to inject fuel incorrectly, which leads to similar problems.

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