Is an engine flush required for a standard oil change?

Conditionally, motorists can be divided into two main categories: those who flush the engine with special chemicals, as well as those car owners who consider such a procedure to be simply harmful and never wash the engine from the inside. Let’s talk in more detail about whether it is necessary to flush the engine using special chemicals before changing the oil and scrap cars brampton.

What do the professionals recommend?
It is simply impossible to give universal advice in such a case. The need to perform such a procedure will directly depend on the current state of the engine and the conditions in which the car was previously operated. It is believed that if the car owner fully complies with all the manufacturer’s recommendations, performs an oil change at strictly defined runs, then in such a case, flushing from the inside of the engine is not required.

Flushing the engine is not required in the following cases:
1) replacement of engine oil is carried out strictly according to the regulations;

2) from service to service, it is not required to add oil to the engine;

3) the car is in the possession of one person.

Therefore, if you bought a new car in the cabin, you use high-quality oil that changes at a run of 8-10 thousand kilometers, the engine does not have an oil burner, and there are no critical engine malfunctions, in such a case, flush the engine using special chemicals. required.

However, if the car was purchased from hands and its service history was not previously known to you, the car does not have or is suspicious of a service book, an oil burner is noted, or you simply decided to change one brand of engine oil to another, then in such a case, it is mandatory to carry out flushing the engine.

Also, such flushing of the engine may be required in cases where the engine has a solid mileage, the engine was overhauled, and after several thousand kilometers, when the metal parts rubbed against each other, in such a case it would not be superfluous to flush the motor with the help of appropriate chemistry and replace the oil with a new one.

How the motor is washed from the inside
The procedure for washing the engine itself is not complicated, therefore, if desired, the car owner can perform all the work on his own, without contacting a specialized service. Such special chemistry can be divided into two main categories: cleaning oil and cleaning liquid, which is poured into the engine, after which the engine runs for literally half an hour, then the chemistry is drained and new oil is poured.

A more gentle cleaning can also be used, which is a special oil, it is poured into the engine, the car is operated for several days, after which the oil is changed. The main advantage of such a delicate wash is the minimal impact on various rubberized gaskets in the motor, which after such a wash do not need to be replaced with new ones.

Recommendations for car owners
If you are the sole owner of a car, then the best prevention of engine contamination is to use a quality oil that should be changed every 8,000 kilometers. In this case, the lubricant retains all its characteristics, the oil channels are not clogged with deposits, premature engine wear is prevented, while the car owner does not need to flush from the inside of the engine or open the engine and eliminate any serious critical malfunctions. In no case should you save on such a service by changing the oil as often as possible and using exclusively original technical fluids.

Let’s sum up
If the car owner bought his car new in the cabin, he timely and correctly maintains the engine, changes the oil, the engine does not have an oil burner, then when changing the lubricant, it is not required to flush the engine from the inside. However, in cases where the brand of engine oil changes, the car was bought from hands, the history of its maintenance is unknown or there are any technical problems, in such a case, when changing the oil, it will be necessary to carry out an internal engine wash using special chemicals.

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