What is dry cleaning a car interior and is it worth trying to clean the interior yourself?

Dirty car salon is not only unpleasant, but also bad for health. Therefore, specialists recommend having the interior dry-cleaned every six months. What does this service include, what types of dry cleaning there are and is it possible to perform it yourself?

The interior of a car loses its freshness with time, dust, dirt and sand are accumulated, stains appear on the upholstery and seats. Dirty car is unpleasant and uncomfortable to drive. The dry cleaning of the car interior is the solution. Experts recommend having the procedure done once every six months to keep the car in proper condition. And you don’t have to clean up before you send the car to be recycled: https://scrapcar.cash.

A clean car salon is aesthetically pleasing. But regular dry cleaning is necessary to avoid health problems for all passengers and the driver. Microscopic particles of dust and dirt get into the lungs, which can cause allergic reactions, worsen the condition of people suffering from respiratory diseases and provoke their development. Stale stains on the seats, ingrained dirt becomes an excellent environment for the development of bacteria and germs. It is impossible to sit on them, and even more so, to transport children, without a risk to health. In addition, with the use of the car there appear strange smells, especially if there was smoking in the salon. Dry cleaning will cope with all these problems.

So, dry cleaning is needed if:

Stains have appeared on the interior upholstery, seats or ceiling.

Chrome parts have lost their shine, overall appearance of salon has faded. The vehicle looks unattractive.

There are scratches, stains on plastic parts.

You can feel the unpleasant smell, the gaps of the parts are clogged with dust.

Types of professional dry cleaning

Professional dry cleaning comes in different types.

Classic salon wash is the most common, but has a number of disadvantages, including the long time required to dry the salon. Usually it is about two days. In addition, it is possible condensation, which limits the use of this method of cleaning in the winter. Among the pluses is the cost-effectiveness of the method.

Drying does not require additional time to dry the interior. Specialized products remove even complex dirt. Also, dry cleaning agents leave a film on the surfaces to be cleaned, protecting the parts in the future.

Steam cleaning with a steam cleaner removes even deep and tough stains and dirt. Additional aggressive agents are not used, so such cleaning is not harmful to allergy-prone people.

Car nano-cleaning can include interior cleaning with protective coating on the elements of salon trim and plastic parts, allowing to keep cleanness for a long time.

Comprehensive or partial (local) dry-cleaning is possible. Partial allows you to remove the stain from a particular element of trim, seats, to freshen the salon. During the complex cleaning, the whole cabin is treated.

The cleaning is performed step by step:

Vacuuming the entire cabin, light dirt is removed, debris is removed, dust accumulates on the seats, gaps between the parts, on the floor and mats, in the upholstery. The ceiling is handled first, then the front seats, backrests, rear seats, trunk, and finally the floor is cleaned. If necessary, parts can be disassembled.

The interior is treated with special dry cleaning agents. Steam generator or chemicals are used, depending on the method.

Salon assembly (if parts were removed), drying after wet.

Dry cleaning of salon of the car with your own hands

Many car enthusiasts are concerned about the question whether it is possible to do dry cleaning yourself, because it is an expensive service. With self-cleaning, there is a risk of flooding the appliances, leaving a musty smell due to the non-drying surfaces. Using aggressive chemicals can harm your health, and unprofessional means will not cope with dirt and will only worsen the situation, you can ruin the trim and parts.

How can you do dry cleaning by yourself and avoid damaging it?

Use professional car care products, following instructions, use special products for different types of upholstery and material of treated surfaces. Prepare gloves, brushes, rags, vacuum cleaner.

Turn off the engine, clear the interior of unnecessary things.

Carry out the initial treatment with a vacuum cleaner and compressor.

Treat all surfaces with automotive chemicals. Observe the stage of cleaning: ceiling, doors, front panel, seats, trunk, floor.

The dry cleaning should be done in a heated room, such as a garage or outside in warm and dry weather, as the final step is to dry the car for at least 6-8 hours.

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