What is the further disposal of scrap metal?

Many people wonder: what happens to scrap metal after it arrives at the scrap yard and how the scrap my cars scarborough? Where does it go next, and what do specialists from scrap companies do with it? In fact, recycled metal is a whole industry, which we will briefly discuss in this article.

The main stages of recycling and scrap metal recycling
After the metal has been accepted from an individual or a legal entity, the following processes take place with it:

Sorting, preparation and shredding. The operator has the equipment necessary to give the scrap the marketable dimensions and mechanical properties. To do this, the resulting scrap is dissected to the required condition. This is especially true for unsplit cables, complete motors, complete batteries and other similar items. They are all professionally dismantled and prepared for further processing. Waste materials remaining after disassembly

(plastic, rubber) are disposed of in accordance with the regulations for the disposal of these types of waste.
Sale. Commercial scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is a commodity for which there is a fairly high demand in Russia. That is why most operators work through an intermediary scheme: they accept scrap, sort it, prepare it and send it to buyers – steel works or other (larger) scrap metal operators. Often scrap is exported abroad. It is for convenient redistribution of scrap that many operators are located in transportation hubs: railroads, ports, etc.
Transportation. When a batch of scrap metal has a buyer, logistics solutions are involved. The transport of choice is by rail or waterways. St. Petersburg is the biggest port in Russia, from where hundreds of tons of scrap metal are shipped every day by vessels of different tonnage.
Recycling. After scrap has been sorted and prepared, and then transported to the buyer’s site, it is processed. Different technologies are used for this, but in most cases it is smelting with all kinds of cleaning methods. Metallurgical companies significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing metal products by incorporating secondary raw materials into their products.

The final stop is new metal products
In the end the scrap metal is turned into new metal products: building structures, rails, rolled metal. Non-ferrous metal scrap is also widely used for the production of various equipment. For example, China is the country that uses secondary resources most actively, and therefore about 30% of the mass of metal products manufactured in the Celestial Empire is recycled material.

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