Why does every driver need a piece of clay in the car?

The car body needs regular care and maintenance so that the car retains its attractive appearance for many years. However, automotive chemicals cannot always remove all contamination from the paint, so you have to resort to more effective methods. Recently, “blue clay” is gaining more and more popularity, which is intended for car body care and scrap car removal etobicoke.

What kind of clay?
Of course, clay does not mean a piece of soil, it is a synthetic material that looks very much like clay. For example, it is used to wipe off bituminous stains that are so difficult to wash off with ordinary shampoos. Also, “blue clay” can be used for light polishing of the body, as it has a slight abrasive effect and well removes all irregularities in the paint.

How to use it correctly?
The first step is to thoroughly wash the car body and wipe it with a dry cloth. Then you need to prepare a soapy solution that will be applied to the body. Then everything is simple: we moisten the area to be cleaned with a solution, after which we begin to polish the paint with synthetic clay in circular movements.

For a greater effect, the clay can be rolled into a pancake about a centimeter thick, so it will be possible to capture a large area at once. Since clay collects all the dirt on itself, it must be mixed periodically, carefully kneading it in your hands. At the end of the work, the body is washed with water.

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